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Receive top-notch chemical products like Zinc Ingot Powder, Zinc Oxide Powder, etc.
About Us

Regardless of the fact that our company, Zinox Industries was set up in the recent year 2021, we have built a strong reputation in the chemical industry. We have been supporting the industry with high quality range of chemicals as a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Our entire product range which includes Industrial Zinc Ingot Powder, Industrial White Zinc Oxide Powder, Pure Zinc Oxide Powder, White Zinc Ingot Powder, White Zinc Oxide Powder, etc., adheres to the demands of customers. Once the products have been manufactured, we have an expert team that tests all batches as per the best quality norms. Another reason for our steady progress is the nominal price range which we maintains across our entire product array.

Strategic Planning

One factor which is highly important for newly formed businesses like ours, is strategic planning. Likewise, in our company we have a well-organised set of plans which helps us carry our business forward. Below mentioned are some of the major elements of our strategic planning:

  • To make sure that only premium quality products are offered to customers.
  • To keep researching about the latest developments in the chemical industry for upgrading our product range.
  • To stay ahead of our rivals by frequently conducting competitive analysis.
  • To ensure that the price range of our goods is kept affordable and suits the customers.
  • To correctly understand the particular demands of clients and complete them with the best possible solutions.

Quality Control

For a manufacturing company to promote its products to the targeted audience, quality control is majorly important and this factor is kept at the top priority in our company. We maintain the highest quality levels in all the processes whether it is the procurement of raw materials, production of goods, testing phase, packaging or final delivery of orders. We work with top vendors of the industry to procure good quality raw materials and use them to manufacture a wide variety of products like Industrial White Zinc Oxide Powder, White Zinc Ingot Powder, Industrial Zinc Ingot Powder, White Zinc Oxide Powder, Pure Zinc Oxide Powder, etc. The manufactured products are all evaluated as per the top quality criteria and then shipped.
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